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Based on 35 years bulk & liquid handling know how in the specific field of gravimetric measurements, HORIZON LAND team up with re-known Germany System Designer to design, fabricate, install, commissioning and calibration and after sales service support with ISO 17025.

The co-operation thus resulted in the technology and design transfer from Germany to Malaysia for local fabrication to cater for domestic’s need as well as regional across South East Asia.

Bulk_Liquid Product.JPG

HORIZON LAND plans, manufactured and installs processing plants for bulk solids including screening, mixing, filling, discharging, conveying and weighing system. HORIZON LAND develops turnkey plant solution from the project definition created together with the client to the planning and commissioning.

The service provider also cover the relevant plant servicing, such as repairs, replacement parts service training and plant optimization.

Turkey Weighing System.jpg

This method of weighing is used for products as diverse as box of instant coffee, litre of oil and litre drum of chemicals. A filling machine downtime known as a weigh filler which measure out a predetermined mass of product, which may be liquid, powder, gas or solids, directly into the package which is resting on a weighing instrument which control the filling operation.

Gross weighing machine are suitable for accurate filling of products at both low and medium speeds.

Gravimetric Packaging.JPG

Silo, tank, hopper, storage system are generally used to determined the amount of material stored at any time. Silo discharge equipment is used with products that have such bad flowing characteristics that gravity alone is not sufficient to make them flow from the silo tank or hopper. As a result typical flow problems occur such as clinging, arching and bridging.


Belt & roller conveyor scale is a kind of measuring equipment for weighing material continuously in the process of conveying solid bulk material by conveyor. It can measure the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow of material on the belt without interrupting the material flow.

The weight of material is measured by the sensor under the weighing roller. In order to simplify the research model, it is assumed that the material layer on the belt is uniform and the belt moves uniformly.

Belt_Roller Conveyor.JPG

Striving to provide quality analytical and measurement equipment, control solutions and  services to manufacturing industry, HORIZON LAND has been establishing itself  since 1980’s with headquaters in Penang state.

Regional operation is represented in Philippines, Singapore & Indonesia. From a single industrial product marketing company more than two decades ago, we have grown to a trusted and reliable business partner to various international measuring and test equipment manufacturer.

From the  beginning, HORIZON LAND has been a progressive achiever, striving to create a company ever-better and ever-more competent in its commitment to clients and business partners. This path to the present day success that  HORIZON  LAND represents has taken us from a small organization in the mid ‘80s to the modern- day corporation that you see today.

Weighing Controller

Evolved from 40 years of experience in Weighing & Laboratory Industry, HORIZON LAND today has  established as a main  European Made products distributor in its respective regional offices.

Products of HORIZON LAND mainly deriving from Germany and other European Countries. Therefore, a norm 3 Years Warranty is Provided to our End Client.

HORIZON LAND has been a progressive archiever and reliable business partner with EILERSEN and SCAIME companies more than two decades ago.

HORIZON LAND load cells are exclusively developed  in high quality  standards. Our weighing solution will minimize the need of service The majority of our load cells meet international regulation and standards.

Weighing Load Cell.jpg


Standard Weighing

Our business scope is becoming much wider, at present we are expanding more new products which is floor scale that’s suitable for international market in order to satisfy our customer requirement.

We provide the best industrial floor scale and friendly usage to our  customer. Of course, our product is engineered in Germany mainly.  We will do our best to support you with our BAVARIA, SAXXON and  HARIBON floor scale brands. To meet our customer desire, we also provide modification size for floor scale.

Floor Scale.jpg

Bench scale application range from mixing, weighing, counting and  check weighing. Basically HORIZON LAND bench scale designed for   table and bench top usage. Typically capacity are up to 300 kg. To be  suited with customer environment, we provide two variation of bench scale which is stainless steel and mounded solid steel structure.

To meet our customer requirement, there is two size of bench scale  which is 400 x 500 and 600 x 800. Normally our bench scale is  suitable for warehousing, food and beverages, chemical, manufacturing and recycling. Some advanced features available on our bench scale,  such as display style options and connectivity to scanner and printers.

Bench Scale.jpg

High impact scale for weighing heavy steel coils. The ruggedly large  platform scales were custom manufactured for mounting over the floor or in the pit.

With a weighing capacity of 10t - 50t using high impact capacitance load  cell, these large floor scales will easily cope with weighing steel  coils averaging around 10t - 45t each. Though a higher safety margin  would be required on this type of scale, using an overhead crane to  lower and raise the steel coils should eliminate potential shock loadings.

Coil Scale.jpg




The exclusive and pleasant quality series Italian design of BEL instruments merges innovation and high technology, powered by the latest generation of microprocessors, with highly reliable measuring performance.

Weighing Balance.jpg

For all measurement need a standard weight to calibrate. So we make a collaboration with ZWIEBEL, the specialist in precision weights and masses.

We give full commitments with ZWIEBEL to get the best quality with high performance to shape your requirement. Based on two centuries of experience, ZWIEBEL is becoming France’s leading manufacturer of  precision weights and masses. ZWIEBEL is the first progressive manufacturer in normative requirements in precision weight and masses.

Standard Weight

HORIZON LAND has the objective to expand the business with high quality industrial and laboratory oven company which is FRANCE ETUVES. These high quality laboratory oven used in the medical laboratories of biology, bacteriology, chemistry and research, being appropriate for all the applications of culture. 

Another high quality of industrial ovens is used in many industries for test and process of manufactures. They allow operation of drying, polymerization, valcanization, pre-heating of mould, heat treatment, aging of components, stabilization of plastic, vacuum degassing.



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